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Legal separation does not put an end to a legal marriage in Alberta. In the event of a legal separation, couples adhere to a court order that outlines the responsibilities and rights of each spouse during their separation. While the a couple remains legally married during such a separation, they choose to lead separated lives. Legal separation simply allows time for assessment of the situation, an opportunity to find reconciliation, and counseling.

During a separation there are still important matters that must be addressed such as:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Visitation rights
  • Spousal support
  • Division of assets and debts

Why You Need a Family Lawyer

It is important to work closely with an established Edmonton family lawyer when considering the engagement of a legal separation. Many of the issues that come up during a separation agreement are similar to a legal divorce agreement. In the instance that you have request that a family lawyer file for divorce on your behalf, it is important to understand that a judge will rely heavily on the framework you have established in your legal separation as a precedence for your legal divorce. It is for this very reason that you should consult a family lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta and come to a point of long-term satisfaction with the terms of your legal separation.





Benefits of a Trial Separation

While legal separation and divorce share similarities in their long-term outcomes, there are several benefits to moving through the trial separation process in Alberta before filing for divorce. Such benefits include:

  • Time apart for cooling down and reassessing the situation.
  • Retention of medical benefits and additional policies that would be void by divorce.
  • Religious flexibility, if divorce is a conflict with personal beliefs.
  • Remaining married for over 10 years can have effects on the retention of certain military benefits.
  • Remaining married for over 10 years can have effects on the retention of CPP.
  • If the decision for divorce is made, the legal separation agreement can be transferred into a divorce settlement agreement.

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