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Coley Hennessy Cassis Ewasko

At Coley Hennessy Cassis Ewasko, we work with separated couples that want to engage in collaborative divorce, achieving resolve in their separation through respective and equitable means. Unlike the path of litigation, collaborative divorce brings parties together in a relaxed and non-combative environment.

Having our very own in-house certified collaborative lawyer, the family lawyers of Coley Hennessy Cassis Ewasko work with clients that want to cooperate in an honest effort to avoid long-term damage to their relationships. Working with a collaborative lawyer in Edmonton, clients must be willing and able to meet their spouse in a face-to-face setting where both parties negotiate their divorce fairly in good faith.





Is collaborative divorce right for me?

Collaborative divorce requires that both involved parties conduct themselves in civil terms with one another. Collaborative law, in its procedural setting, does not work with couples that have physical conflict between them, or other abusive factors. The effectiveness of collaborative law is compromised when such issues are present.

What are the benefits to a collaborative divorce in Alberta?

  • Identifying your common interests
  • Understanding each other’s concerns
  • Sharing information (financial, assets, medical, etc.)
  • Evaluating the alternatives
  • Achieving a consensus for both parties
  • Avoiding legal fees and time associated with court proceedings

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