July 1, 2013

Selling Your Home After A Divorce

Going through the divorce process can be painful and involve a great deal of stress, especially when there are children involved. It can be just as complicated when dealing with the division of debt, and selling your house in a divorce. However, it is important to rely on your family lawyer for advice when getting over this hurdle. An experienced family lawyer in Edmonton will have contacts within the real estate industry, while offering advice on handling the finances that follow your sale.

Looking Out For You And Your Children

If you have children, their safety and security are paramount to all other issues. When looking at your financial situation in respect to your home, you may have the resources to buyout your partner. Or, you and your family lawyer could request that you and the children stay in the home until they are 18. In some instances, it is ideal that your family starts over, and you can sell the home, applying your equity to a new start elsewhere. It is the job of our family lawyers in Edmonton to help you in weighing these options so the decision made serves the interest of you and your children best.

Selling Your Home In A Tough Market

If a fresh start is what your family needs, the sale of your home will be subject to current market conditions. The decision to divorce is not always planned so if you are in a recessed economy, or there is a surplus of homes for sale, this may force you and your ex to sell for a value lower than intended. This is a financial risk and compromise couples face when moving through the divorce process.

Face The Issues Early

If you are considering to file for a divorce, meet with our divorce lawyers in Edmonton and let us help you evaluate your circumstance, and provide you with a plan in going forward. Having legal counsel in these matters can relieve a great deal of stress and help you measure your options with a more clear perspective. Call us today.