January 9, 2014

Issues That Trigger Divorce In Alberta

Whether you are involved in a long-term marriage that spans decades, or you are relatively newly weds, divorce in Alberta is a normal occurrence in our modern day. As couples, people change their values and attitudes, habits, and needs over time. Sometimes these shifts within one spouse can change the dynamic of their marriage to the point where two partners no longer want to continue their relationship as a married couple. As one approaches this realization, there are a number of factors that should be considered as contributing to your circumstance.

Lacking Connection And Purpose

Especially true within couples who have experienced a long marriage, two people enter such a union with a long set of goals and ambitions – things that they want to work on together. Often this can include professional advancement with the support of the other spouse, it may involve the overall improvement on their quality of life, and then there is the ultimate challenge of raising children. These are all significant challenges that couples face together, but once these challenges are overcome the two people may be asking themselves whether they want to move on in their daily lives together.

It is these challenges within life that bind people together. It is within your purpose that you find a strong connection to that other partner. Without purpose, the connection can get lost.

Life Is Short. Get A Divorce.

Life can throw you some pretty strange curveballs, and when it does it can trigger an emotional and objective re-evaluation of your life and what you want to do with your remaining years. This ‘realization’ is especially common amongst mature married couples who have shared a long history. A critical event can provide a new perspective on your future, as well as your expectations for your life-partner moving forward.

A Lack of Coping Skills

While we would all want the dream of settling into our older years, together and happy, it’s not necessarily a reality for many people. As the years in a marriage carry on, some challenges are overcome while others develop with new and less predictable strains – emotionally, physically, and financially. When you consider the combination of tough economic times, the pressure of sending a child to college, saving for retirement, and then facing a serious medical illness due to your age – some partners do not cope well. The manner in which a married couple faces these issues will have a significant impact on the health of their relationship, and the avoidance of a divorce.

Facing Divorce Is Not Easy

If you are facing a pending divorce, don’t face it alone. Our family lawyers in Edmonton are here to help you evaluate your personal and financial situation so you can be as prepared as possible for the actions of negotiating a divorce settlement with your spouse. Don’t hesitate to call our family law office in Edmonton, as we are here to help.