October 22, 2013

Consent to Travel Letters

Notary services in Edmonton, Alberta

Consent To Travel Letters may be necessary if you are planning to travel abroad with a child, especially in situations where you:

  • Are the lone parent of the child.
  • Have shared custody with the other parent.
  • Are not the child’s parent (relative or family friend).

In these circumstances you may require documentation that supports the parental consent of travel and specifies you as the caretaker of that child. These documents are known as Consent to Travel Letters or Parental Consent Letters and are strongly recommended by Passport Canada when planning foreign trips.

It is also strongly recommended that, along with written permission by the other parental party, Consent to Travel Letters be certified, stamped and/or sealed by the proper notary authorities. If you intend on traveling with a child and require such certificates, our notary services in Edmonton can easily handle this document process, ensuring there are no surprises when passing customs at your travel destination.

What do I need for a Consent To Travel Letter?

When preparing for your appointment it is ideal to give yourself 2-4 weeks to present documentation at our Edmonton law office. If the child in question is traveling with one parent, the non-traveling parent must attend the notary appointment and bring with them a completed, but unsigned, Consent To Travel Letter as well as a valid piece of photo identification. The letter will be signed in the presence of a lawyer who can then certify the document.

If the child is traveling without either parent, both parents must attend the notary appointment with a prepared Consent to Travel Letter, unsigned, along with valid pieces of identification. At this point our lawyers can verify the agreement for the child’s travel and certify the documents.

Contact our Edmonton notary services to plan your child’s safe travel

If you are planning a trip alone with your child, or traveling with someone else’s child, contact our Edmonton law office and book an appointment to certify a Consent To Travel Letter. It is simple process that ensures your travel plans are uninterrupted as you pass customs at your foreign destination.