March 27, 2014

Alberta: Highest Divorce Rate In Canada

A recent article that appeared in the Calgary Journal reported that Alberta has the highest divorce rate in the entire country. The vices of obesity, gambling, drinking, smoking, crime rate, and divorce were all charted.

Statistics Canada indicated that in 2011 there were 327,024 people in Alberta who were legally separated or divorced. This number increased in 2012 to 336,198 people. Phrased differently, in one year 9,174 people became legally separated or divorced in Alberta. That’s almost a 2.8% increase in the rate of divorce.

The causes for this trend have been speculated on by Lurline Ketler-Raposo, a registered clinical counselor and sociologist in Calgary. She says that women are continuing to get better jobs that pay well, so they are less reliant on men for income. Another observation that Lurline Ketler-Raposo made was that, “it’s easier to leave if you have the financial means to.” However, she also attributed the high divorce rate to long distance relationships where one partner is working away from home for an extended period of time.

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